10 Interesting Facts about modern China

China has lept to the forefront of the world in recent years. Here are 10 interesting facts about China that you may not have heard.

1.  China has a lot more men than women.

Due in part to the one-child policy and preference at the time of male children. China now has 33 million more men than women. That’s more than the populations of Sweden, Hungary and Portugal put together.

2.  China is aiming to be greener

China now has more solar-powered energy capacity than any other country at 130 gigawatts, is the leading manufacturer of solar cells and installer of wind turbines.

3. The GDP of Shanghai is bigger than that of the Philippines.

In fact, 35 cities in China have GDPs comparable to countries around the world. 

4. China has “lifted” 700 million of its citizens out of extreme poverty in the last 40 years. 

Beijing is equivalent to the U.A.E and Guangzhou to Switzerland.

China’s economic reforms have enabled millions of people to work themselves above the poverty line. 68 million of those over the last 5 years.

5. China has the most billionaires in the world after the United States.

Even though China still has millions of people living in poverty, because of the size of the population there are more rich people in China than there are in the U.K.

6. Shanghai has more people than the whole of Australia.

Shanghai is the most populous city in China with over 26 million people living there. The city is around 6000 square kilometres. The whole population of Australia sits at around 25 million on an area over 1000 times bigger than Shanghai.

7. China has one time zone

Imagine a country the size of China only using only one time-zone. Well, that is the case, since Mao decided it would bring the country together China has used Beijing time countrywide. This has unfortunate effects on parts of the country farthest away from the capital. Leaving certain cities in darkness until 10 o’clock during parts of the year.

8. China has 56 ethnic minorities.

China’s main ethnicity is Han Chinese accounting for over 90% of the population. However, China has another 55 ethnic minorities with regional autonomy and separate languages and cultures spread around the country.

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9. China is building purpose-built cities to move people into.

In 2017 China set out an ambitious plan to build a new international city almost 3 times the size of New York. In fact, China has established over 300 new cities since 1949.

10. China has 16-18 million shared bikes on the streets of its major cities.

Around 60 companies introduced bike-sharing in most of China’s major cities making it very convenient for the use of a bike via an app. The bikes can be left anywhere and unfortunately block pavements and get piled up on top of each other. Also, millions have been piled up in the ‘bike graveyards’ of companies that have gone bust.

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